Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adventures of a Watermelon Cake

So I teach a nutrition class to parents of overweight kids with special needs. I'm on snack duty each week for class, and this week I made a....drum roll, please...WATERMELON CAKE! I bet a lot of you in the Pinterest world have seen this bad-boy circulating on the interwebz, and I thought I'd give it a go.

And hot damn, was it good or WHAT. The parents (and my co-workers) were wow-ed, and the cake got rave reviews on deliciousness! I'm sorry that I didn't snag a pic of it before it got demolished by seven hungry parents, but I promise that it looked pretty swell.

So funny story how I got to make this. Last night, I was driving home from a Tigers game with my man, and I think, "Oh dear God, I forgot to make snack for the parents tomorrow......". On the drive home, I frantically peruse Pinterest for something deliciously healthy to make and decided on this guy. The next day after work, ran to Meijer to pick up the ingredients an hour before the class starts (in rush hour, mind you), was in and out of the store in 10 minutes, got to clinic, and made the cake in 15 minutes (almost knifing my abdomen in my mad-rush to get everything prepped on time, but hey, those are details). The best part was that I had 15 minutes to spare before my lecture on grains.

Basically, if I could make this cake with all this other nonsense going on around me, so can you.

But let's back track for a second. This cake only requires:

1) A seedless watermelon
2) 2 containers whipped topping (I used Meijer brand fat-free)
3) Berries of choice (I used blueberries and raspberries)

Basically, you cut off the ends of the watermelon, place him on a tray, smother him in whipped cream as you please, and then top him with berries. The original recipe that you might see floating around has chopped almonds on the sides of the cake. I left these guys out because you never know with kids running around a clinic and what kind of nut allergies they might have. But I'm sure chopped almonds would be a delicious addition to the cake.

Also, I recommend actually waiting for the whipped topping to defrost before attempting to "frost" your "cake". Don't be like me and be chopping up a watermelon which a machete-like knife, while microwaving your half-frozen whipped topping, and then slathering the watermelon with half-frozen, half-too-warm whipped topping and watching it sadly sliiiiiiide down the side.

But then you know what you do?


Problem. Solved. And cake was a success. I'll definitely be making him again in the near future.

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