Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Okay, so these shots didn't get that rowdy, I promise. Unless coconut milk has a secret that it's not telling me.

Nah. It looks pretty well-behaved to me.

So being the recent Pinterest-fan that I am, I combined, yes. COMBINED. Two Pinterest recipes!!!

However, since I started this post around a year ago (yes, did I ever tell you how EPIC of a procrastinator I am?), I promptly forgot which recipes I combined.

::frantically searches Pinterest boards::

I FOUND THEM! I tried out Chocolate Covered Katie's Chocolate Frosting Shots - which turned into chocolate pudding instead. Reviews? It was just alright, in my opinion. I tried it mostly to see what kind of magic coconut milk could do. But honestly, if I want pudding, I want the REAL THANG.

As for the sprinkle-coated shot glasses from this Mini Milkshake Shooters recipe - BRILLIANT! Came out super cute and definitely want to do this again with some kind of delicious layered dessert inside. Maybe for a birthday?

Anyway, that's all for now. What I find hilarious is that I randomly came on my Patticake site on a night that I can't fall asleep, and then realize that a good chunk of people actually read this site everyday...even without me updating it. Most traffic? My cake mix brownie post - due to the fact that I posted it ONCE on Pinterest and somehow it is now famous (I really don't understand...there's so many more delicious recipes on here!). Do people really like these cake mix brownies so much?? Tell me about it!

Well, maybe they're popular because it's times like these...at 1am...where hunger and a baking-craving strikes, and all that there is in the house is a cake mix. And voila - cake mix brownies.

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