Thursday, July 7, 2011

cupcake extravaganza!

 So once upon a time this summer, I had an urge.  A cupcake urge.  They demanded to be maked, baked, and eated.

Actually, a trip to the mall inspired these cupcakes!  We have a new cupcake shop called Just Baked, where they serve up an obscene number of cupcake flavors.  Think flavors like Banana Split, Drumstick (yes, after the ice cream), Snocap, and Cinnamon Donut.  So off I went in my own kitchen to devise some flavors of my own.

These three ingredients were the inspiration behind my creations:

 Peppermint Patties!

 Trail mix!

 Graham crackers!

Basically, I raided the cupboards to find some delicious things to fill and top the cupcakes with.  I settled on three different flavors: Peppermint Pattie, Trail Mix, and S'Mores.  I baked up chocolate cupcakes (yeah, yeah, okay, I used a box mix), and baked in graham crackers for the S'more cupcakes.

Then I proceeded to make the most sugary concoction of frosting ever.  I took out a third of the frosting from the batch and stirred in chopped up marshmallows and chocolate chunks to top the S'More cupcake.  It ended up looking like a messy mass of goodness.  Super sweet, but super delicious!  Trail Mix cupcakes were frosted with plain frosting and then dipped in a mix of granola, chocolate chips, and raisins. Yummm!!!  Peppermint Pattie cupcakes were dipped in, you guessed it, chopped Peppermint Patties!

 Let's just say that they came out very, very goooooood.  And basically, store-bought cupcakes may be delicious, but it's super easy to create your own at home :)

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Elizabeth said...

I was so worried that Drumstick meant it was a turkey flavored cupcake.