Monday, April 11, 2011

yummy snack

Oatmeal + brown suga + raisins + almonds + cinnamon = yummy snack

Lately I've been putting cinnamon and raisins in a lot of random things.  Vanilla yogurt it also a good one to try!  I think it's probably because of the AMAZING Cinn-A-Stack pancakes Matt and I had at IHOP the other day.  If you haven't tried these puppies yet, you NEED TO.  It's like....cinnamon roll-deliciousness in pancake form.  Go to IHOP.  Get the pancakes.  You won't be sorry.

But for now, I suppose cinnamon-y oatmeal will have to do until my next encounter with these pancakes.
Again....anyone know how to rotate pics on Blogger??

1 comment:

Nazifa said...

1) Yum IHOP.

2) Ew to oatmeal. And raisins. Sorry dude.

3) Try rotating the picture on your computer either clockwise or counterclockwise to counteract blogger's weird effect on it before uploading it.