Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am really. Sick. Of. Studying.

I'm sick of learning about vitamin A, C, selenium, iodine, zinc, and vitamin E. Also sick of major food cravings late at night like....M&Ms, black beans (since I can't remember the last time I ate a decent protein source), Insomnia Cookies, and barley.

I want to be done.

Oh, did I mention that I want to be done?

Speaking of weird things, I'm by a row of computers, and someone left a HUGE canister of yogurt as well as a banana next to an un-logged off computer. Strange. Who brings a 32 oz. yogurt container to the Union? They must be pretty hungry.

Anyway. Here I go. Back up to the study room. Where doom awaits.

Love, Patti

P.S. This is cute. This is inspiring. And this is so, so true.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

easter shenanigans

It came. The day where you eat as much dessert as you possible desire came. Oh....and the day JC rose from the dead! Hehe.....c'mon, you know he probably loved desserts, too. ;)

But look at that pretty spread. We had crab dip, pistachios, Italian coffee-cake-like bread (with hard-boiled eggs baked into it), and CHOCOLATE. Yay for unhealthy appetizers. Oh, and Marianne's infamous Mountain Holler, aka the Yooper version of Mountain Dew.

Marianne and my aunt, showing off the bread that they didn't make.....

The madre....showing off the cheesy, eggy, Easter pie. That she, also, didn't make. Looks like they like to take credit for these baked goods, huh?

There's my Papa!!! :) He likes his red wine.

Ahem, excuse me, sprinkles. It's time for your close-up. Marianne just discovered the macro setting on her camera when I was taking this picture since she asked me how I get close-up pictures so clear. She was in awe. And I really don't know how she lived without knowing a macro setting even existed! I think....I would have died if I had never met mine.

My Easter basket!! Everyone got one at their table setting.


Green beans almondine and sweet potatoes and carrots and tortellini alfredo and ham and cheesy potatoes.



How brave of him to pose in a picture with the Cake of Death: Heart Attack Edition.

And my slice was entirely consumed. I got no shame. I fear no heart attack. Muah ha ha!

Picture of a picture.

Okay, she told me NOT to post this for all the world to see because she thinks she has a double chin.

Dear Marianne,
1. You are not large enough to have a double chin, hon.
2. Your smile is flippin' adorable!!
3. I'm posting it anyway.
Love, Patti

Isn't he just adorable?! I discovered him in my Easter basket. This little bugger winds up and runs across the table and freaks out your unsuspecting elderly relative.

Hope you all had a fab Easter :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

italian [heart attack] cream cake


The cake. Of heart-attackness. Of deliciousness.

Of coconutty, cream cheesy goodness.

Of oozy, yummy, creaminess.

....and now I feel like I'm writing a story-time book for little people under the age of five.

Yes, my friends, this was one heck of a cake. You need to make this cake, serve it in very small slices, and devour. I got this recipe from the infamous blogger, The Pioneer Woman. My step-mom, Lisa, loves her, so she inspired me to browse her blog after my trip with her and my dad a month or so ago. And damnnn, can that Pioneer Woman cook! And take pictures! I am in love with her pictures. :)

Anyway, I will most likely make this cake again, but next time, I will definitely cut back on some of the ingredients that just were unnecessary, but did make the cake extra decadent. Such as....the cup of vegetable oil (maybe half apple sauce, half veggie oil next time?) and the cup of sugar. However, if you do decide to give this cake a whirl in your mixer, I suggest that you follow the recipe the first time, and then make alterations based on your health needs. ;)

chavadone extravaganza!

My family has a tradition around Easter of making this cholesterol laden thing called chavadone. My great-grandma, Pasqualina, used to make them, and both my grandma and mom have kept up the tradition over the years. Needless to say, I will be happy to keep the tradition going when I am a real-person with my own real-person family. That scares me to think I will have my own real-person family someday. Eep. But that is another story for another day.......haha. But on the same note, I totally think it'd be awesome to name my first daughter Pasqualina after my great-grandma. I mean, sure, that'd be one helluva name for her to learn to spell in kindergarten, poor thang, but she could be called Lina for short. I like it. :)

Anyway, into chavadone goes: eggs, Munster cheese, ham, and raisins. Yes. You heard me right. Raisins. Now I know that might sound super strange, and I will admit that when I was little, I totally picked the raisins out of my chavadone slice before inhaling it. But for some reason, the raisins complement the salty ham flavor very well. Just trust have to try it to believe it.

Who knew cracked egg shells could look so pretty? Or maybe I'm just weird and find beauty in the most random of things. :)

Anyway, I didn't get a shot of the actual baked chavadone, but they came out SO well. Super cheesy this year for some reason, but we definitely did not have a problem with that. Here's to another successful chavadone baking extravaganza! Nice work, mom. :)

magnificant peanut butter brownies

There is nothing quite like cutting into a jar of creamy peanut butter untouched by human hands.

Dear peanut butter,
I love you. Our love shall never die as long as we both shall live.
Love, Patti

Thought this looked cool :)

Oh, hello, peanuts. Are you ready for your close-up?

And those peanuts, peanut butter, (lots of) brown sugar, and chocolate chips got whipped up into these. And man, were they good. To prevent yourself from entering a diabetic coma, cut them small....please.

I'll nomnom to that.

york peppermint patty brownies

I am seriously concerned for my family's health this Easter, and I'm hoping that no one is gonna keel over or pass out from sugar overload. Yes, my friends, the three desserts I made are that sugary. And buttery. And peanut buttery. And cream cheesy. Just you wait and see.

Mmmm, butter and chocolate look kinda pretty getting all melted up together.

And poured.

And stirred.

Next on the brownies went peppermint patties....and they must be healthy! They have 70% less fat!


And then when you cut them, they look just fabulous.

Like this.

Hungry for these puppies? Click here for deliciousness.

st. patty's day!

I love, love St. Patty's Day! First off, it's my name-day. :) is my favorite color. Three, all of UM is so soooo happy on St. Patty's Day, and it always seems that it falls on one of the first really nice days of the year. My mom would always make St. Patty's fun when I was growing up, and she would dye lots of foods green, we'd eat broccoli with dinner, and eat green jello poke cake for dessert.

Sooo I had to make green cupcakes for the day! Mmmmm, artificial food dyes...... Also, the bowl of cake batter looked JUST like a big bowl of vanilla yogurt. Hah, that'd be a fun (and delicious) April Fools joke, huh?

So what I did....I split the batter into two bowls and dyed one green and left the other plain. And then, I swirled the two together a bit in the cupcake tins. How prettttty!

And then....decorated the tops with green dyed frosting.

Don't you just want to nom right into that puppy? I do.

And then, I took them to my friends, and they were devoured. :)