Monday, November 29, 2010


Rawr.  Can't sleep.  Again.  This time I am blaming it on the 2.5 hour nap I promptly took at 6pm today.  However, I am thankful that this does not happen on a nightly basis like it does with some people.  So I consider myself lucky.

In other news, yesterday was my good friend's bachelorette party.  It was a ridiculously great time with some girls I am lucky to call my closest friends for over half of my life.  Half of my life.  Isn't that crazy?  What also is crazy, however, is how much older my friends and I are all getting.  No, we're not sportin' the walker yet, but just the fact that one of us in our group is getting married.  Married!  That's forever!  And forever is a very, very long time.  It feels like yesterday when we were that group of high school girlfriends who sustained themselves on scrapbook parties, Disney movies, laughing so hard it hurt, and downing insane amounts of food.  Now, we talk about college, new jobs, boyfriends, our friend's wedding, someone's crazy weekday night at the bar.  And we still laugh so hard that it hurts.

Oh.  Yeah.  And down insane amounts of food.

I look back to the high school days and reflect on our friendship today.  While we have all slightly changed since the day we first met, we really are the same people, the same personalities as we were in the past, only older.  The main change is confidence, and that confidence has interwoven itself into molding our young adult personalities.  It's a cool thing, really.

And I am lucky to have these fabulous young women in my life.

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