Monday, November 29, 2010

happy birthday to you

About a month ago, I made this for Matt's 22nd birthday:

WOW WEEEE SUGAR OVERLOAD!  Where did this concoction come out of my brain?  I just don't know.

So what exactly is in this puppy?  Oh, let me tell you.  In list form, because it is just that complicated.

Bottom to top....
Chocolate chip cookie
Peanut butter swirled into cookies and cream ice cream
Crushed Baby Ruths
Pumpkin Peep border

My greatest fear for this ice cream thing was that it just wasn't going to taste good.  Just by the fact that everything under the sun was in it.  BUT LO AND BEHOLD it was delicious.  Served in small portions, of course, unless you are like Matt and have the world's greatest sugar tolerance.  Make it for that special someone today and watch a grin spread across their face.

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