Saturday, July 10, 2010

sunny days sweeping the clouds away

Hi all. Just saying hello via non-food blog post from my little corner of the world.  All is good; still baking, still happy, still loving life....yes, like that cute little fur-ball :)

The summer's definitely in full-swing, even though I am still knee-deep in biochem and microbio-lovin' and my internship.  As busy as it all is, I'm strangely happy with it all and enjoying every minute....especially my internship, and especially when I get to work with the kiddies.  They are just so so fun, and they make me so happy without fail every time I visit them at their YMCA camp to pass around lunch-y things and play games afterward.  I love talking with these little people and they just put a gigantic grin on my face when I leave them for the day.  Favorite quotes so far?

Cutie-pie girl: "I like your face.  I think it's cute."

Boy: "Are you two sisters?"
Me: "Ummm, we look like sisters?"
Boy: [shakes head] "No.  But you both have the same skin color!"

Another girl kept calling popcorn "pop-pop-pop".  Another boy with wildly curly hair is nicknamed X-Man.  Another boy is a pain in the ass and asks me to give him too much food.

Sorry, pain in the ass-boy....

I've also got a vacation or two coming up and visits from fun people!  Can't wait, can't wait.

Also...isn't this beautiful?  And this is crazy to think about.  And most importantly, these days are beautiful days to be alive. :)

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