Monday, June 21, 2010

chocolate cake adventure

Let's just say that this was my first adventure cooking in my new subletted apartment for the summer.  When I moved in, did I remember to bring the essentials?  The toothpaste, the clothes, the laptop, the fuzzy fleece blanket...just in case it decided to get cold in the middle of summer? (hey, it is Michigan, you know, it could totally happen)  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

But did I remember essential kitchen utensils?  Oh, of course not.  I figured the kitchen would come supplied with, you know, things like...spatulas and mixing bowls.


And let's just say it was quite the adventure.

So the purpose of this adventure was to make a cake for a girls night with two of my girl friends.


We were hitting up my place before hand to create and drink girly drinks and eat cake.  So I scavenged around in my cupboard, found a cake mix, a jar of frosting, and this marshmallow bunny...who I decided was going to go into the cake batter...and starting whipping things up.

But first, I had to play with my food. :)

Hmmmm, someone has eated a bite out of his ear....

Ahhhh, Marshmallow Bunny MASSACRE.  Poor, baby.

So before we start here, let's take a quick tour of the new kitchen.  Hello, stove, nice to meet you.  And how nice that your insides hold the pots and pans while you are off since there is limited room in the cupboards.

Hello, burner, that looks like it is falling off. BUT!  It still works great.  If I've learned anything from living in Ann Arbor student housing, it is that appearances can be deceiving.

Side note: However, let me note that while the kitchen utensils are slightly lowly, the person (Totten's Tunes) who is currently on my shared iTunes is absolutely making my night.  They have 8021 songs!  That's insane!  I'm currently going through their collection of John Williams songs.  There's nothing like the Olympic Fanfare to make you feel on top of the world.  Even if you are just in your PJs, lying on your bed, blogging.  I CAN DO ANYTHING, RAWR.

Dear Totten's Tunes,
Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU.
XOXO, Patti

And, ah yes, my pseudo mixing bowl!  It's actually kind of fun to get creative in the kitchen.  However, things took a turn when I realized that....

....NO SPATULA was to be found!  As you can see, I was quite sad about this fact.  Now, pot as a mixing bowl?  I can handle that.  Taking all the pots and pans out of the oven before turning it on?  Sure, bring it.  But no spatula???  What about all of that batter that stays on the side of the pot when you go to scrape it out with a spoon?  It was quite sad.  However, I made it work.

And, TA-DA!  A bea-you-tiful cake!  Complete with M&M topping and cream cheese icing.  And it was quite delicious.

But......a week and a half later, I realized I hadn't eaten all of the cake leftovers.  Whoops.

BEHOLD: SCIENCE EXPERIMENT. For some reason, I've always gotten a kick out of moldy food that's been unearthed from the depths of the fridge.  Maybe the fuzzies on it make my first instinct to want to reach out and cuddle with it, but then the stench stops me dead in my tracks.  Well, whatever the reason, it cracked me up tonight. :)


Nazifa said...

If you haven't read any bunny suicide comics before, you should get on that.

Patti said...

Haha, will do, Nazifa!!