Monday, May 24, 2010

the quest for bread

Yes, my friends, it is a sad, sad kitchen here.

But behold, this is when wicked creativity is born.

Do not fear.

Enter: bread.  There is none of it in my apartment!  And I've been feeling extremely cheap lately, thanks to my unpaid (yet amazing, might I add!) internship.  Oh well.  The problem with bread-making at 11pm with limited ingredients?  No yeast.  No milk.  Which means that no tortilla, nor English muffins, nor a normal bread loaf could be made.

What do I say?  The hell with yeast!  Who needs it?!  I made up my own "tortilla" recipe using olive oil, and a little sugar, salt, and water.  Voila!  You has dough!

Ohhhh, see that rolling action?  Now, no yeast means that these puppies won't rise.  But that's alright.  So what did we do?  Fry 'em in a pan!

They were lifted from the plate....

And put in a pan. :)  Now, I thought they would need a decent amount of oil to cook, so I proceeded to put a decent amount of oil in the pan, thinking I'd use it for multiple tortillas.  Wrong.  The one tortilla ended up soaking up allllll the oil I had put in the pan.  Yum.  Artery-cloggin' yum.

Needless to say, that tortilla was a little more delicious than the others.

Actually, the tortillas need very little oil to cook, and if I had cooking spray here, that would've been just fine to use.  You can literally watch the tortilla go from a dark to light color, which means it's getting cooked-up.

And there they are!  They are definitely more tough than tortillas and are not so soft, but they have a pretty good wheat, nutty taste.
And what will happen with them will come in the very near future....


Nazifa said...

I don't understand you. You're like MacGyver for cooking. You blow my mind.

How can you be like this? How? HOW?!

I feel woozy. I need to sit down.

Patti said...

Haha, well thanks :)

And you're gonna have to tell me...who is MacGyver??

Nazifa said...

From wikipedia:

"The term 'MacGyver' has now become part of the colloquial American English lexicon. When one "MacGyvers" a solution to a problem, one finds a simple yet elegant solution to something using existing resources. This is in contrast to a kludge, which is generally complicated and problematic."

He could say make a bomb out of paper clips, AA batteries and duct tape for example.