Monday, May 24, 2010

pork chop tostada! ole, ole, ole!

So in addition to no bread, I had no veggies in my apartment.  So I stopped at a local market to pick up a few (limited) supplies since it can run a tad expensive there.

Oh, and by the way, these tomatoes?  TO DIE FOR, OH GAWWWWD.  You have got to believe me.  I haven't tasted a tomato like this in years!  I think I could have eaten the entire container. Nom nom nom.

Next on the menu?  Avocados!  I just love the look of an avocado right after you open it up.  Gets me every time. :)

Then I mashed 'er up, threw in some leftover salsa that had been camping out in the fridge, chopped up a few of the grape tomatoes, sprinkled some garlic pepper, and guacamole was born.

Have I told you lately, guacamole, that I love you?  Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness....

Okay, okay, you get the picture. ;)

Mmmm, before and after pics.  So I had a leftover pork chop, and I chopped that puppy up and layered it like this:

Pork chop
Cucs and tomato deliciousness

And then heated it up until the cheese had melted.

And the result was quite delicious. :)

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Namira said...

And this is why I tend not to visit blogs that have food pictures... I'm so hungry now!!

Btw, you were in one of my dreams last night! I'll tell you about it later haha.