Monday, May 10, 2010

cookie dough monstrosity cheesecake

Look at this beautiful monstrosity.  Damnnnnnnn.

Just look at it.  Oh, dear God, I think I get heart palpitations just gazing lovingly into its cookie dough goodness.

 Are you sucked into a trance by its beauty?  Its symmetric chocolate swirly lovelyness?  Its layered yummines?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Let's just say that this puppy was a hit at tonight's Mom's Day dinner.  Even my uncle loved it, and he isn't exactly the sweets-lover!  I'd say that means that this cheesecake was a success. :)

The recipe came from here, but I made a few alterations...a few on purpose and a few by accident.  I actually forgot that there was supposed to be chocolate ganche under the cheesecake layer, but I seriously think my entire fam and I would be in a diabetic coma if I would've included that.  I intentionally left out the coffee, but I'm sure that would've been a super delicious addition.  I also didn't do the whole frilly icing thing...I'm more of a rustic baker, so anything that involves piping frosting makes me a tad anxious. ;)

You must make this cheesecake.  It's just that good.


Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Yours looks fantastic!

Patti said...

Thanks, Julie! It was to DIE for!! Thanks for the recipe!