Thursday, May 6, 2010

chicken adventure 1.0

I tried, people, I really did. You have got to believe me.

I really did try to make chicken myself.

I got out my cookbook. I found a decent recipe that seemed doable and not to hard. Too bad I started following the recipe after I realized that I didn't have about half the ingredients on hand. Whoops. Enter recipe interpretations. However, baking interpretations are much different than cooking interpretations, and I realized that I have yet to master this technique. But they say that wisdom comes with age, so I'm not gonna get too down on myself just yet.

Ummm. If that container hadn't been positioned there, one might think that someone was peeing on my chicken.....HOW DARE THEY!

Anyway. :) I threw together some spices, rubbed it on the (raw....ew ew ew) chicken, and tossed it in the oven and hoped that it would turn out.

And surprisingly, it did! However, for some reason, I didn't eat my prepared chicken once I made it. Sure, I ate about half of it, but here I am, I have a FULLY COOKED PROTEIN SOURCE at my very hands, and then I suddenly get cravings for cereal for dinner.

I really don't understand it, either. But...I will try meat-cooking again, no worries. Please don't lose faith in me just yet.

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