Monday, May 10, 2010

brunch for my mom!

I love my mom!!  Aren't we cute? A lot of people say we look like sisters.....I mean, I guess we do a bit.  My mom certainly likes hearing that from people.  Hmm, I wonder whyyy? :)

When I was little, I started a tradition of making my mom breakfast in bed for Mother's Day.  No gifts, just breakfast.  Needless to say, my breakfast-making abilities have definitely gotten much much better over the years.  I'm pretty sure the first breakfast I made her was your basic scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit placed in a parfait glass because it looks fancier that way, of course. :)  Not exactly sure how old I was when these breakfast traditions began, but it was somewhere around age 10-12.

About 10 years later, now my mom gets....

Eggs benedict! With crab!

I now have much more respect for those chefs who make eggs benedict because it is slightly complicated,  It was a bit hard to time everything...the English muffin being toasted, the crab meat and hollandaise sauce being heated, and the egg being poached.

However, it was definitely well worth the work.  And it was my first time making both hollandaise sauce AND a poached egg!  I was kinda afraid of the poaching part, and I imagined that the whites of the egg would just float away or something in the water and end up to be a big blob of grossness.  But...look how pretty the egg looked while it was cooking!

A good hint on poaching your first egg....try to get the whites that are escaping to land near the yolk.  You can do this once the egg is in the (near) boiling water with a slotted spoon...just kind of spoon the white over the top of the yolk.  I promise you poaching is really not that hard. :)

Along with the eggs benedict, we also had...MIMOSAS!  I got the idea for this from my trip to California to visit my Dad and Lisa.  We went to this AMAZING hotel for a brunch with a bunch of the firemen that my dad works with.  Not only was the food absolutely out of this world, but there were bottomless mimosas.  Yes.  BOTTOMLESS.  The champagne and OJ was kept a-flowin' all morning long!

So I rassled up some pink champagne and OJ.  50% less-sugar-and-calories-OJ for mom...I knew she'd like that. ;)

And look how cute the top of the OJ carton is!  It's an itty-bitty orange!

And then...I thought it'd look pretty to float some of the blackberries in the mimosa.  Pretty AND delicious.

One word.  Yum.

And thank you mom for EVERYTHING!  You're the best. :)

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