Monday, March 15, 2010

I procrastinate like it's my job.

Let's take a look at what my evening looked like.

Start time: 6pm
1. Came home, put in laundry.
2. Showered.
3. Ate dinner.
4. Answered e-mails, checked Facebook.
5. Ate some cereal.
6. Checked e-mail.
7. Lit a few candles to get in "the mood". The mood for homework.
8. Opened up Food Safety homework document and read instructions.
9. Started homework: 10 minutes.
10. Checked Facebook.
11. Did a little more (of the same) homework: 5 minutes.
12. Decided that green jello needed to be made for Wednesday....St. Patty's Day!
13. Decided that granola needed to be made, even though I didn't have the correct ingredients.
14. Talked to Namira, Karen, and Anita on AIM while making jello and granola. I have mad multi-tasking skills.
15. Finished cleaning up from jello and granola-making.
16. Talked to Anita on the phone.
17. Contemplated getting halfway done with my homework. Yes, the same assignment.
18. Checked Facebook.
19. Ate some granola.
20. Checked e-mail.
21. Actually got 1/3 of homework done.
22. Decided to test jello. Verdict? Delicious.
23. Decided to procrastinate ONE LAST TIME by blogging.
Finish time: 10:45pm

Yeah. I'm pretty bad, huh? Anyway, the worst of it is that I am craving dessert like no other, and I'm not able to have any because of Lent. Hmmmm. It's quite the situation, as you can imagine.

I best be logging off now. I would have gladly posted a picture of my failed granola and green jello made in muffin tins, but Lancelot is being moody today, so I am unable to upload pics. :(

On a happy note, a one year anniversary is coming up this Saturday. :) Maybe I should make my man something delicious. Something with cherries or strawberries, maybe? Those are his favs, along with the classic chocolate-peanut butter combo. Anyway, we'll see. :)

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