Saturday, January 23, 2010

veggie bean pasta

So being the poor college student that I am, I was living off of black beans, barley, and cheese for a few days. It was getting pretty boring, despite its deliciousness, so I decided to deviate a bit from this once I had eaten all of my barley and switch to....whole wheat pasta. Yep. Big difference, huh?

Anyway, I commandeered leftover chicken broth from my roommate, Rachel, sauteed up some broccoli and carrots with cumin and chili powder, threw in the rest of the black beans, and drenched it all in the broth and let it simmer.

The cooked pasta went in and got stirred up a bit. And VOILA! Veggie bean pasta. Sprinkle on some salt and a generous dose of Parmesan cheese and you're all set. Enjoy and devour.

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