Tuesday, September 22, 2009

college eats, week 3: tuscan risotto

So for my food science class, we had to make a whole slew of things at home for our "lab"...three different white sauces, a pudding, and this reallllly good risotto. This is now my favorite class of all-all time (obviously...really, are you that surpirsed? ;)

Onions look so pretty once they're out of their wrapper for some reason.

And so does celery. I really don't like raw celery....like a lot. But it's good cooked up in rices and soups, so I suppose I'll have to allow it this time.

Say hello to my roommate, Janine! She's a nutrition grad student, too. And we both loooooove food, so I think we'll get along quite fine. :)

And then Arborio rice was added....

Mmmmm, looks so pretty, huh?

And it tasted really really good, too. The only problem was that we ran out of vegetable broth, so we had to add water instead while cooking it. It definitely would've been much more flavorful with the broth, but still really good.

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