Friday, July 3, 2009

organic cake....?

So now that calclueless is over (passed with a C! WAHOO!), I am now working (kinda) full-time at work. Hey, 32 hours a week feels like full-time to me. I sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day, 4 times a week.
Yay. I love my life.

Anyway, the girls I work with are in the dietetics program I will be in this upcoming fall. And, man, are they healthy. I always thought I ate healthier than the Average Joe. How wrong I was. These girls bash preservatives, lunch meat, and even Ranch dressing, which is not vegan since it is made with milk.

WHO KNEW Ranch dressing even HAD milk in it?!

So here I am, little Miss Hypocrite Dietitian over here at work. Sitting on her exercise ball "chair", eating a processed lunch meat sandwich on store-bought bread while drinking a can of Cherry Coke Zero. I am sure they all shun me inside.

However, I really couldn't care. While eating organic and choosing foods that are prepared without preservatives is the ideal way to go...really, those preservatives can't be doin' our bodies much good...but really, people. If you're not makin' decent money, all those organic foods are gonna run your bank account dry. I don't know, this is just my view. And I have a sneaking feeling that healthy eating can be done by eating non-organic foods.

However, this is where our story begins. These girls at work have slightly begun to warp my mind (just a tad) and at least have given me the curiousity of the Organic World. So it was when I saw that this organic cake mix was on sale at Meijer, I knew I wanted to give it a whirl. Yeah, yeah, I know, two bucks for a cake mix....still expensive. But I was curious, okay??

Oh. Hello, adorable bottle of Hennessy.

Yeah, who wouldn't be side-tracked by miniture bottles of liquor? But anyways, the first thing I noticed about this cake mix recipe is that there were no eggs involved, just water and melted butter. Hmmm, this is new. I thought to myself, questioningly. However, I continued to bake...took a [minor] detour when Cameron the Canon Camera fell into the bowl of batter, where his life flashed before my eyes, though I pressed on.

And there it is! ORGANIC CAKE, TA DA! It definately has a different texture than "normal" yellow cake from the mix. A bit denser, but I kinda thought that made it delicious. It's great served with a schprinkle of powdered sugar. NOTE, however, one mix only made one layer. Strange, as you usually get two layers out of a single mix. I was quite perplexed, but whatever. Nothing to lose sleep over. :)


Leah said...

you should have put the henessey in the cake! mmmm...

Shannon said...

you are right with the whole organics and cost. i would love to eat organic food as i think for somethings it tastes better, but it is so expensive, esp with everyone having a little less to spend right now. the cake looks good just a little to expensive for one cake layer!