Friday, June 12, 2009

well, hello, my little fattoush

So I heart fattoush. And there was this place, LaShish, that made the MOST AMAZING FATTOUSH EVER. But then the restaurant got closed down reasons.

Anyway, though, one of the best parts of fattoush is the ah-mazing pita chips that are sprinkled throughout the salad. They are oh-so-good. And that's what those pita breads are doin' up there...about to be baked up into delicious chips.

Ahhh, there was an olive oil EXPLOSION during fattoush-concoction. Shhh, don't tell the madre. She gets annoyed when I mess up the kitchen. ;)

Ohhh, olive oil-drenched pita bread sprinkled with salt. Doesn't get much better than that, huh?

And they came out B-E-A-YOUTIFUL. And crunchy. And delicious. And....addicting.

So this fattoush came from the cookbook How To Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman, God of Cooking. My housemate, Leah, swears by him, and for the entire year, I've seen her bright yellow cookbook of his lying around. Finally, I have realized the amazingness that is this yellow cookbook. Seriously, people, nearly everything you need to cook is in here. There's even alterations you can make for each recipe, too, which makes life exciting.

Oh, and this cookbook has a mean brownie recipe. And when I say mean, I mean furious.

But anyways, the fattoush came out reallllly good! Not quite like LaShish's, but pretty darn close.

So I am lazy. Here is the recipe I found on a website somewhere. This recipe is great to alter as you please. I went ahead and went parsley-crazy and used alllll parsley for the herb-goodness (no basil or mint). Also, I didn't use the "basic vinaigrette" Mr. Mark suggested to use but my own concoction of olive oil + juice of one lemon + a little salt + a little pepper. Go ahead! Be creative, people! :)

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Leah said...

yaaaay Mark Bittman! :D