Monday, June 8, 2009

overload cookie sundaes

I know my says you + me = us. Yes, and I did just say calCLUEless. Because that's how I feel most of the time about this wretched subject. :P It would help if I had more than ZERO motivation to study. Seriously, people, I just gradumacated. Studying is the last thing I want to be doing right now. I should be sitting in the sunshine, running, relaxing. NOT STUDYING CALCLUELESS. Siiiigh, Eight classes left. Thank God.

So my neighbor in Ann Arbor, Yvan, came back from a fishing trip about a week ago, and he came back with lots of walleye. So he offered to make dinner for Leah and I. Yummmm. Yvan loves pan-frying fish....and he does a really delicious jub of it. Naturally for the meal, I offered to make dessert. And then I realized that this would be a wonderful escape from studying for my derivative test that was the next day. BRILLANT!

I decided on using up some of the leftover schtuff in my of which was a box of cinnamon oatmeal. And then I decided to make oatmeal cookies out of the packets in muffin tins. And THEN I decided that they'd be even better with chocolate chips on top.


So what other lonely food products were to be found in my kitchen? Chocolate ice cream! Lindor truffles! Peanut butter!

Peanut butter, however, is not considered a lonely food product in any kitchen that I can call mine. This is because there is always a surplus of peanut butter to be found. For instance, as of this very moment, there are three jars of peanut butter in my cupboard: a Jiff 40 oz-er, a Jiff 18 oz-er, and a jar of Smart Balance PB with added Omega-3s - a dietitian's peanut butter dream.

So the truffles got chopped, the peanut butter got melted, and those delcious things got layered along with the chocolate ice cream

One word: wow. Three words: epically good ice cream. Like whoaaaa. This layered deliciousness all got frozen over night and then was scooped over the cinnamon oatmeal cookies and Saunder's chocolate sauce drizzled all over it.

Definately an overload cookie sundae. :)

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