Friday, June 12, 2009

cinnamon ice cream sundaes

So I guess I've been in a sundae kind of mood lately. First the Overload Cookie Sundaes and now these monstrosities. There's just something amazing about buying a boring ice cream flavor and then layering it with delicious random things.

This time the layering deliciousness including a homemade cinnamon sauce and chopped walnuts. OH SO GOOD. The original plan was to mix in the cinnamon sauce with melted peanut butter, but the sauce ended up tasting lemon-y, and that wouldn't have tasted too well with PB.

So I decided to nix the peanut butter and just did some layering with cinnamon and walnuts. And WHOA, did it come out good or what. After scooping all of that out, it got mounded atop an oatmeal cookie in muffin-form. Yeah, I'm a lazy baker. Like a really lazy baker. I dumped the batter into mini-muffin tins. My guinea pigs affectionately called them "mookies". You know, muffin + cookie. :)

Anyway, the mookies with cinnamon ice cream was delish. Many more ice cream layering creations are to come.

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