Tuesday, March 31, 2009

epic sandwich success

Yes, my friends, Epic Sandwich Creation Photo-Taking Adventure was a success this time around. WAHOO. So let's go layer by layer, shall we? And we can witness the building of this marvelous creation that can satisfy tummies nationwide. :)

Oh, and P.S. This Lent thing is lasting a little too long. Thank God I will be nom-ing into chocolate cake 11 days from now.

So yeah, up above we had the turkey layer, and now the micro-thawed frozen spinach atop of the turkey. Oh, and make sure you grill your bread!! And spread the backs of the slices with butter (or chemical butter :).

And then....CHEESE. Now, personally, I think shredded mozzarella works the best here, just because I'm Italian, making me (extremely) partial. However, shredded Swiss was on sale a few weeks ago, so that's what I used in this Epic Sandwich. Still delicious. :)

And TA-DA! The picture of Epic Sandwich success! Look at that bread, all grilled and delicious in its chemical spray butter-ness.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: When making an Epic Sandwich, you must must must use thick bread. Because, my friends, if you're gonna use something light and Wonder-ously fluffy (get my drift?!??) you might as well be slappin' cardboard around these fillings, people. I'm serious here. And Epic Sandwich-making is serious business.

Nom nom nom.

And a few more close-ups for your viewing pleasure.:)

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: There is no Important Note #2. Sorry, folks. Just go nom. Now.

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