Wednesday, January 7, 2009

chocolate chip cookie bar quest

Oh. Hello, peanut butter frosting.

Hello, delicious Sander's hot fudge sauce.

Make that...seductive Sander's hot fudge sauce.

So today's quest was to make something delicious...aka the chocolate chip cookie bars I usually make. For some reason, however, these bars have been coming out extremely cake-like, instead of gooey and delicious. And I've been following the recipe to a tee...not skimping on butter or anything, and still these guys come out strange. Hmmm. I truly am stumped. I think next time I'll add baking powder instead of baking soda. Mayhaps this would fix the problem.

Oh, so you're probably wondering why there's Seductive Sander's hot fudge sauce in this chocolate chip cookie bar blog. Because I was out of chocolate chips, of course. And hot fudge sauce is great swirled into cookie batter.

Close up. But damn you, cookies, for being cake-like. But still delicious, just the same.

And even more delicious with a smothering of peanut butter frosting. No recipe, though, I'm not in the mood.


Lizzy said...

Is that the same frosting from the Elvis cake we made??

Mmm delicious! :)

Patti said...

Yes, it is!!! And it tasted delicious on the cookies.