Wednesday, November 26, 2008

s'more fudge squares minus marshmallow

So I started out making these because they were in bar-form. And who could ever pass up anything that is baked in bar-form? Not me.

I'm not going to write much about these guys because basically: a) I'm sleepyish. and b) Sometimes pictures speak much louder than words. But anyway, these chocolatey squares are basically fudge with graham crackers in them. And it seems that they would be great with marshmallows on top to make them s'more-like.

One word: yum.

S'more Fudge Squares Minus Marshmallow
Altered from My Easy Cooking

2 sticks butter
3 cups powdered sugar
1 cup cocoa
2 eggs, beatened
1 sleeve graham crackers, broken into chunks

Melt butter in big pot. When completely melted, take pot off heat and add powdered sugar and cocoa and mix well. Stir in beaten eggs and mix until smooth. Add graham crackers and fold into butter-sugar-cocoa-egg mixture until crackers are completely covered with chocolate.

Pour into 8x8-inch pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray and flatten mixture with spatula. When cooled completely, cut into squares and keep in airtight container.


Jen B. said...

Looking forward to trying's going to be so easy to make gluten free!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, these look sinfully delicious! YUM!

Ingrid said...

Oh,yeah! I printed this baby out! I love s'mores like desserts! In my mind marshmallows make most things better.

Thanks for sharing the recipe!