Wednesday, November 12, 2008

grilled sandwiches = love

Day two of bread-deliciousness. Enter: spray butter, garlic, and Mrs. Dash. Add to frozen mixed veggies in a nice little pan. Heat 'em up, and voila! You've got delicious veggies to go into none other than a delicious grilled sandwich on....what?! Even deliciouser crusty bread!

So, yes, there is a story behind these sandwich concoctions. In the good ol' high school days, I would go sandwich-crazy. My mom made this crazy amazing bread a la breadbaker, and I would make these crazy delicious veggies to go inside. All with some turkey lunchmeat, of course. And then, I'd grill it all up on The George (aka the George Foreman Grill). I swear, I was probably addicted to these sandwiches for about 6 years...I would even recreate them in my dorm. I always thought it was hilarious when people gave me weird looks and asked, "What? You put veggies in your sandwich?!"

Uhh. Heck yes, people. I never could imagaine why this ever seemed so strange. I mean, people put spinach and lettuce and tomato in sandwiches, right? How much different is...broccoli, mushrooms, green peppers, and....errr, corn? Not weird at all. :) And yes, these veggies do tend to slip away much easier than your tame ol' lettuce leaf can, but hey, it makes life interesting right? Heck yes.

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