Friday, September 26, 2008

cookie creation of amazingness

Ahhh, the humble chocolate chip cookie. So delicious, so wholesome. Yet what is one to do with two cookie's worth of cookie dough that is left over from baking a delicious chocolate chip cookie torte? Make a delicious chocolate chip cookie creation of amazingness, of course!!!

These were super-easy creations. Just plop a bunch of cookie dough in a muffin pan (not too much, or else it'll overflow!), and bake 'em up. THEN. You'll find that there is an ever-so-convenient cavity in this baked cookie. What is this cavity good for, you ask?

Peanut butter, of course! Lots of delicious creamy peanut butter. Not crunchy. Not that crunchy wouldn't be delicious...peanut butter is delicious, whatever form it might be. Though creamy doesn't mess pesky crunches there to break your rhythm when it comes to devouring a spoonful. Or two. Or three......

Anyway, after the load of peanut butter, chocolate chips were melted with a little butter, and then smothered on top of that delicious peanut butter. And then sprinkled on top? Sprinkles, of course! These make for a delicious study break when you have a crazy amount of exams in one week. I highly recommend this, and believe, me it will get you through. :)

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